About OVC Cruises operated for Wyndham

All travel is facilitated through Our Vacation Centre Pty Ltd, Travel licence # 3008099,a fully owned subsidiary of The Our Vacation Centre (OVC) Inc., a private cruise and vacation club with over 650,000 active members. Traditionally an exclusive, members-only organization, OVC is built upon a foundation of excellent customer service. Our business is based upon providing our customers with the utmost in vacation value and the highest level of personalized service.

Our highly trained and experienced cruise / travel consultants intimately understand the needs and desires of both novice and experienced cruisers & vacationers. Additionally, we are able to provide this personal service wherever you call home. OVC is based in Phoenix, Arizona, with international offices in the Australia, Mexico, Malaysia and United Kingdom. We're excited to be able to extend this extraordinary level of value and service to the general public! Working through select internet partners. Our Vacation Centre offers the perfect blend of extensive on-line content with live, personalized service. We have extensive expertise in providing cruise & vacation experience to our members. So, take a few minutes to check out our offerings, maybe chat with one of our knowledgeable vacation consultants, and see for yourself!


By combining the consolidated buying power of hundreds of thousands of active vacationers, we are able to offer fantastic savings on featured cruises and travel at prices you won't find anywhere else. Shop with us and compare - we're confident you'll agree!


Our Vacation Centre offers all the convenience of on-line shopping, with the added advantage of extensive experienced consultants ready to answer any question or concerns you might have. First time cruiser or traveller? Special occasion? Experienced cruiser or traveller? Our staff is trained and experienced in helping you find that perfect cruise or travel option!


On-line shopping can be an overwhelming and even intimidating experience, particularly with an item as important as a well-deserved vacation. These days, anyone can put up an Internet site in hours that offers a deal 'too good to be true'. Unfortunately, it usually is. The OVC Gallery placed over 250,000 cruisers on cruise ships last year alone. We did it the old fashioned way, with personalized service focused on you, the customer.

Customer First

As initially a private club, our business depends on providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our business model is not built on selling the most cruises or travel; there's enough companies out there trying to do that. Instead, we want to be the best - not only in terms of value, but most importantly, the best in customer service, allowing you that unforgettable, one of a kind cruise experience.